Thoughts from an unicorn while being devoured by lions / Mourning for Samantha

Our schoolmates taking their lives, the helpless depression we sink in, laughing and partying endlessly, finding freedom in alcohol and drugs, infinitely taught to derive functions and solve integrals while mere conversation gives us anxiety, forced, yet unable, to be there for one another, stuck between a doctrine that has lost its purpose and the illusory promise of freedom, your sexual lust when you look at us, hidden behind a hypocritical morality invented only to satisfy your ego, claiming your role as judge of who and how to love, the food delivery box we carry on our back, riding our bikes, the choice between a career at the supermarket, call center or McDonalds, 24h shifts, government grants, rent as high as a salary and the prospect of a life on debt, the commodification of good and evil, the visceral hatred you carry for the youth you no longer have, the frustrated impotence to live your dream lives, fear of an infinitely irrelevant existence, marked by a tombstone soon erased by rain and wind.

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